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Monday, June 16, 2008

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Heat Trade Wade? Bullsh...!

Ok, you know the offseason is getting a little crazy when we start hearing ridiculous trade rumors and people actually start believing them.

Take, for instance, this idea that the Heat are actually shopping Dwyane Wade and the #2 overall pick for the Bulls' #1 pick. Yes, you read that correctly and yes the Chicago Tribune actually ran the story.

To make matters worse, they even made a poll that dares to ask:

Heat star Dwayne Wade said he's heard rumors involving the Bulls' No. 1 pick and Miami. Would you do it?

No way -- we need Derrick Rose BAD
Wade, who is back home in Chicago rehabbing and getting ready for the upcoming Olympics, stated that he is ignoring the rumors but that he feels good to be wanted. That is, after all, what a trade rumor's value is.

Of course, it is also a polite way of saying, "yeah right!"

But what does this say about the Bulls intentions? Are they going to draft Beasley and keep Kirk Hinrich as their de facto point guard? Or are they going to draft Rose and deal Ben Gordon or Hinrich? One thing is for sure - there is absolutely no truth to this rumor - after all, 84.2% (as of 6/3/08) of their readership voted for the trade. Which means it is a no-brainer - and last I checked, Riley is a pretty sharp fellow.

Just more proof that this offseason has dragged on quite a bit though.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bulls Want Rose, Heat Will Get Beasley

I am calling it now.

In fact, I called it the second the Bulls, with their 1.7% chance, got the top pick. They are going to go for Derrick Rose because he is the prototypical point guard and in case you haven't noticed these days, teams with good point guards perform well in the playoffs.

Rose is also from Chicago and how nice would it be to have the hometown kid stay in town to work professionally?

Then there is also the sudden distaste for Kirk Hinrich. Because to make the case to draft Rose, one would have to deal away Hinrich who is holding his spot. The fallout then means look for the Bulls to shop Hinrich around in order to make room for kid. Expect some insane trade ideas to start bubbling; cue Sam Smith.

What's that? He has already begun? Oh. Marion for Hinrich and Thomas? Too good to be true. The Bulls wouldn't be that dumb.

Look, the Heat don't need Rose. Sure, he is a fine point guard and has great tools, but to be honest who is going to have the ball in their hands at the end of games? Wade, the 2006 Finals MVP, or Rose a rookie from Chicago (like Wade) that helped push his Memphis team to the NCAA Finals this past season (where they folded in the final minutes)? Because last I checked, there is only one ball in basketball and even if you have two dynamic play makers, you can only have the ball in one of their hands at a time.

It isn't like Rose or Wade are known for their jumpshooting, either.

Again, Michael Beasley is a better fit for the Heat and if the Bulls actually do draft Rose it would be a blessing in disguise as perhaps Riley would be protected from Riley by the Bulls' selection. No, a Derrick Rose pick here in Miami doesn't make sense, but in Chicago it does because the Bulls are certainly fed up with Hinrich - that has run its course. They know what they got with Hinrich.

So if a deal for Hinrich can be had Miami would be better off pulling for that and drafting Beasley along the way. Regardless, it is obvious the Bulls like Rose which means Miami will get Beasley.

And that falls right into my diabolical plan.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Miami Heat Pick Number Two Overall

This could be a great thing, believe it or not.

I know that the Bulls somehow gumped their way into yet another good draft pick. Hey, they haven't done a whole lot with what they have brought together thus far...so why would they start now?

More importantly, the #2 pick for the Heat is good for two reasons: 1) the Heat will have their decision made for them, which, strangely, seems to work better for them and 2) they will pay a bit less for a legit #1 talent than the Bulls.

There is great debate about who should be #1. Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose? Well, there are points for either side and such a decision could plague a franchise forever. Sam Bowie or Akeem Olajuwon? Or Michael Jordan? Chicago could pick that player that might not pan out and Miami would be "stuck" with the other player. There is more pressure to pick 1st than 2nd for that very reason which in turn means less pressure for the Heat to make their pick. And the great debate essentially would be answered for them by Chicago. Think about how Caron Butler fell to them back in 2002 and how Dwyane Wade fell to them in 2003.

The other reason is that the #2 pick makes a bit less money than the #1 pick. Greg Oden got 4.6M last year while Kevin Durant received 4.1M. Over the span of their contracts, Durant will make 27.3 while Oden will pull in 30.3M (through 2011-2012). That is a difference of about 3M, which could be enough to sign a role player or two over that span.

So even though Miami still will not be making its first ever #1 pick, this may actually be a blessing in disguise.

Talk #2 overall with us.

Lottery Live!

Well, 14-4 have been selected and Miami is not among them. Somehow Chicago snuck up into the top 3 - makes you wonder how much Stern loves Chicago.

Beasley, Rose and Mayo guaranteed.

Bullsh*t. C'mon. How do the Bulls defy the odds and get the #1 pick? Well, whichever decision they make, the Heat can pick the other option. So the Beasley/Rose debate will be answered for them.

Do the Heat trade down? Hmm...